Range Rover Electric waitlist doubles as over 38,000 line up to buy the brand’s first EV


The first all-electric Range Rover SUV is expected to officially debut later this year. With over 38,000 buyers lining up, the Range Rover Electric waitlist has doubled over the past four months as anticipation builds.

Range Rover Electric waitlist climbs to over 38K

After opening orders in December, Range Rover is preparing to finally take the sheets off its first EV. As the “quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created,” the EV is already creating a buzz.

In February, JLR said the Range Rover EV was already “generating strong interest,” with over 16,000 buyers on the waitlist.

That number has already doubled. During its Investor Day 2024 on Tuesday, JLR revealed the Range Rover Electric waitlist had reached over 38,000, up 137% from the 16,000 reported in February.

JLR added that the electric SUV has garnered over 186 million views on social media channels as buyers await the first Range Rover EV.

We got our first look at what the electric SUV will look like after the first images were revealed in April. The all-black prototype is unmistakenly a Range Rover built for the modern EV era.

Range Rover Electric (Source: JLR)

Range Rover claims its new in-house EV propulsion system will enable the brand to “exceed its already renowned performance on low-grip surfaces, ensuring all-terrain, all-weather, and all-surface capability.”

As a brand first, the EV features a new traction control system to improve control in slippery conditions.

Range Rover Electric (Source: JLR)

Ahead of its official debut later this year, Range Rover is testing the vehicle in extreme weather conditions to ensure it meets customer standards.

Range Rover claims its electric SUV can drive through 33.5″ (850 mm) of water, topping the GMC Hummer EV (32″) and Toyota Land Cruiser (27.5″).

The Range Rover Electric is expected to debut by the end of 2024. It will compete with other luxury SUVs like the Porsche Macan EV, Jeep Wagoneer S, and Tesla Model Y.

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