Archer Aviation signs landmark deal to operate eVTOL air taxis out of airports around the US


Blossoming eVTOL developer Archer Aviation has announced a signed Memorandum of Understanding with Signature Aviation. This agreement enables access to key hubs for United Airlines and a network of private airport terminals in the US to operate commercial air taxi rides using eVTOLs.

Archer Aviation ($ACHR) continues to demonstrate why its one of the leaders in the electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft segment in one day bringing commercial air taxi operations to the masses.

The California-based eVTOL developer has already established several new partnerships around the world to commercialize its technology for passenger rides and cargo transport through the air, including plans to launch air taxi services in the United Arab Emirates, India and South Korea.

With FAA certification in place to begin commercial eVTOL operations in the US, Archer has been focused on fine-tuning its flagship Midnight aircraft to ensure safe operation before it starts putting passengers onboard.

If and when those rides happen, Archer now has the groundwork in place to operate out of a network of airports around the US, including major metropolitan hubs.

eVTOL airports
A map showcasing over 130 of Signature’s US assets, highlighting initial locations from their partnership with Archer. Source: Archer Aviation

Archer eVTOLs gain access to airports in NY, LA, and more

Archer Aviation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Signature Aviation, a major network of private airport terminals, to identify day-one opportunities for launching eVTOL air taxi services in the US and globally.

Archer states the agreement recognizes the eVTOL developer’s business relationship with United Airlines, which is an investor and will explore opportunities to commence air taxi services in key United hubs at Newark International (EWR) and Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Airports. Per Archer’s chief Growth & infrastructure officer, Bryan Bernhard:

We are thrilled to join forces with Signature Aviation to advance the infrastructure needed to support the future of urban air mobility. By focusing on electrifying key aviation assets in major cities such as New York and Chicago, we are taking essential steps toward making sustainable and efficient air travel a reality. This partnership will help us establish a robust network of landing sites across the country to enable the scaling of our air taxi service, ensuring our Midnight aircraft can seamlessly integrate into urban environments and provide a reliable transportation solution for our passengers.

Archer and Signature Aviation say they will leverage their relationships with Beta Technologies to implement the necessary charging infrastructure at airports in the latter’s existing network, including HOU, OAK, and VNY, in addition to O’Hare and Newark.

The two new partners shared plans to electrify initial launch locations as early as 2025, with further expansions to more airports in Signature’s global network as Archer’s eVTOL aircraft becomes more widely available for commercial operations.

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