Orange cloud appears in skies after ‘industrial incident’


An industrial incident has led to the release of gas in County Durham, police have said.

Cleveland Police said emergency services had attended the site of a fertiliser company in Haverton Hill, near Billingham, after reports of the incident.

Footage posted on social media showed a cloud of bright orange gas in the sky, causing concern for locals in the area.

The gas is believed to have come from Billingham Manufacturing Plant.

The gas cloud disappeared quickly
The gas cloud disappeared quickly, according to emergency services

One person on X wrote: “Nice plume of nasty looking stuff has come out of Billingham Manufacturing Plant and now all the alarms are going off.”

Police said the gas is now dissipating and the incident is beginning to stand down.

There are no reports of any injuries to anyone and there are no off-site implications or further risk to the public.

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Cleveland Fire Brigade also confirmed they had been called to the incident at around 12.28pm this afternoon.

It said two fire engines were in attendance and crews left the site in Haverton Hill just after 1pm.

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