Tesla’s new Cybertruck wheel caps are not easy on the eyes


Tesla has started rolling out its new Cybertruck wheel caps, which shouldn’t fall off this time, but the solution is not easy on the eyes.

Earlier this month, we reported on Tesla stopping to deliver Cybertrucks with wheel caps.

We learned that the issue was the design of the wheel cap being subject to accelerated wear that could lead to them falling off. That’s partly because a part of the cap is basically attached to the wheel and not just the tire.

Tesla told Cybertruck buyers taking delivery that they would send the wheel caps after delivery when the new design is ready.

Now, a Tesla Cybertruck was spotted with a new wheel cap design:

Patane claims that he was told that this is not the new wheel cap design for the premium wheels with all-terrain tires.

That’s good news cause they are a big downgrade in terms of looks:

The base version also reportedly comes with Pirelli Scorpion ATR all seasons tires. Those are known to be more efficient, which should help the Cybertruck achieve a better range.

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