Electoral Dysfunction Teaser: Could the next Tory leader actually be really obvious?


Ahead of our first proper Electoral Dysfunction next week, we thought it’s time to share what Beth, Jess and Ruth have been up to in rehearsals.

In this special teaser, they explain what the title is all about and what they’ll be trying to do on every episode.

And, they get down to the nitty-gritty of examining leaders and their policies – digging deep into what Conservatives might think of their future.

There’s a bit of agreement that one of the strongest candidates to be the next Tory leader is more obvious than a lot of people may have realised.

Jess says the person in question has been “ploughing the furrow” and Beth reckons someone else going “tonto” has really helped them out.

Email Beth, Ruth, and Jess at electoraldysfunction@sky.uk

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