Tesla’s Cybertruck Basecamp is a funky $2,975 tent attachment


Tesla has just delivered the first Cybertrucks, and alongside the release of the new vehicle it has announced several accessories, including a $2,975 tent attachment that is styled much like the Cybertruck itself.

We learned about the imminent release of the Cybertruck “basecamp” through a leak in a Tesla app update yesterday, which revealed renderings of the accessory.

Now Tesla has updated its website with the basecamp accessory, offering more details and photos of what it will actually look like.

We actually first learned that Tesla would offer a camper configuration for the Cybertruck way back in 2019. Along with that announcement, Tesla posted a rendering of the vehicle in camper configuration.

cybertruck camping camper addon
The original rendering of Cybertruck’s camper configuration

Numerous other companies have since announced their own third-party solutions, including this complicated expanding camper from Cyberlandr and this $24,000 camper option from Space Campers.

But now we’re finally seeing the real thing from Tesla, and it’s a lot more affordable than those two offerings are (though much more expensive than, say, the third-party $449 Tesloid Model Y tent attachment).

The basecamp also incorporates quite nicely with the design of the vehicle (which may or may not be a positive, depending on your opinion of the design of the vehicle). Tesla posted some photos, where it looks quite a bit different than the original rendering above.

Notably, the photo showing how it stashes into the truck bed is quite interesting. It still allows lots of space underneath so you can use the bed for gear. It seems pretty well designed from that perspective – though without a video or walkthrough of the process of setting up the tent, we’re not sure how elegant that process will be until someone gets their hands on the product and shows what the process is like.

Tesla says that the basecamp inflates via a manual pump, instead of using structural poles. Screen windows on the side allow a view of the sky and for airflow (but a “weather-resistant outer shell” can be added for additional protection). And Tesla says that the outlets in the truck’s bed are accessible from the basecamp, and you can use something called “tent mode” for an “enhanced camping experience.” No word, yet, on what that actually does (allows vehicle climate controls to heat/cool the tent? keeps the outlets turned on until further notice?)

The whole thing is available for $2,975 on Tesla’s website, or through the Tesla app (if you happen to be one of the ten lucky customers who got their Cybertrucks today).

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