Tesla’s cheapest Model Y ever… is this 1:18 diecast model for $195


Tesla is now selling a 1:18 diecast model of its most popular vehicle on its online shop.

The Model Y has become incredibly popular, and is expected to be the world’s best-selling vehicle this year. And now you can get one for the cool low price of $195… sort of.

The $195 version is, unfortunately, not as full-featured as the previous cheapest Model Y at $44k. This new one has no center touchscreen, no speakers, no motor, no battery, and no human-sized seats. But hey, your pet mouse might enjoy riding around in it.

Because this new one is a 1:18 scale diecast model available on Tesla’s website.

It comes in three colors, red white and blue, which you can see by scrolling through the gallery below.

Tesla says that the models are replicated from the same models that the design studio used to produce the actual vehicles, so it should look like the real thing. Here’s how they are described on Tesla’s website:

The 1:18-scale Model Y Diecast was specially designed by the Tesla Design Studio. Every detail, curve and surface is replicated from the same 3D CAD data used to manufacture actual Model Y vehicles.


  • 180+ metal and plastic parts
  • Detailed interior
  • Functioning doors, front trunk and rear liftgate
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Rubber tires
  • Steerable wheels
  • Carpeted trunk and interior
  • Seat belts made of fabric with buckle details
  • Dimensions: 264mm long x 120mm wide x 90.2mm high
  • Weight: 2.178 lbs (0.988 kg)

Tesla has sold diecasts of each of its other models before, but this is the first time the Model Y has shown up in official diecast form. There are third-party 1:24 scale models available, but this is the first official Tesla diecast Model Y, and the first at 1:18 scale.

Diecasts of other models are also available, including the Model 3 (which started at $250, but seems to have been affected by Tesla’s price drops and is now available for the low low price of $175), and even the low-production Tesla Semi (though even the diecast model is out of stock…) and constantly-delayed Tesla Roadster, also at $175. The Model S and X are nowhere to be found on the US shop, but overseas they seem to still be available for the even lower price of £86 (about $105).

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