Yet another electric bike recall announced due to faulty brakes


It’s been a tough few weeks for electric bike recalls, with the latest coming from major bicycle manufacturer Trek. The company announced a recall of all Allant+ 7 models with Tektro brakes due to a risk of brake hose malfunction.

In this case, the problem isn’t in the brake itself, but rather in the way the rear brake hose is routed around the headlight.

The company sent out a notice to owners of the bike, explaining that “Trek is recalling all Allant+ 7 e-bike models with Tektro brakes, because the brake hose manufactured by Tektro can get damaged if it interferes with the headlight or headlight mounting bracket. If the brake hose is cut, it could result in loss of rear brake hose function. If this happens while you are riding, you could lose control of the bicycle and fall.”

Those hydraulic brakes rely on pressure in the hose to activate the brake calipers at the wheel. Any failure in the brake hose, no matter how small, could lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure and thus reduced or non-existent braking force.

The four models included in the recall are the Allant+ 7, Allant+ 7 Lowstep, Allant+ 7S, and the Allant+ 7 S Stagger.

trek recall

Riders with affected bikes can bring their e-bike to a local Trek dealer to have the headlight mount and rear brake cable replaced. They will also receive a US $10 credit from Trek for merchandise or accessories.

The company shared an image detailing the type of headlight bracket on the affected bikes, helping riders determine if their Trek Allant+ 7 e-bike is included in the recall.

This isn’t Trek’s first recall this summer, and follows on the heels of a much larger recall announced for other Trek models with a separate braking issue, affecting around 96,000 bikes.

Lectric eBikes recently announced its own braking issue recall earlier this month.

Rad Power Bikes only recently recovered from an extended recall and update to its RadWagon line that involved replacing faulty tires.

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