Volvo’s EX30 will also come in an off-roading cross country trim and hits the streets in 2024. The small ‘B segment‘ EX30 EV is a big deal for Volvo, and here’s why…

Volvo plans to be selling only EVs in just seven short years in 2030 and plans to be carbon neutral a decade later. It has made significant strides getting its fleet to EVs with some plug-in Recharge hybrids, the XC40, C40 EVs, and the now delayed EX90.

But today’s announcement is its biggest in electrification yet. The new EX30 will be priced to move a lot of vehicles at $35,000 US and will at the same time be incredibly compelling both inside and out. The Volvo EX30 is available for order as of today across Europe and other selected markets. In the United States, customers can place pre-orders, while orderbooks will open in other markets at a later stage.

The two configurations are detailed below, but essentially it comes down to a RWD and an AWD model.

It turns out when you put two fast motors in a small EV, you get a little rocket ship. The RWD-only model propels the EX30 to 60 mph in just over five seconds, which is already impressively fast. However when you add a 145 horsepower motor to the front for a total of 422hp, you get a little SUV that can go from 0-60 in supercar speed of 3.4 seconds.

This is faster than a bunch of modern Ferraris and Porsches. In a $35,000 electric SUV?! It is Volvo’s fastest accelerating car ever, and I think it even beats any Polestar by a second.

It even beats any non-performance Tesla and will run with a Performance Model Y off the line.

Other specs are very solid but perhaps not as eye-watering as that acceleration. Weight is 4,000 lb.+/-140 lb. for RWD/AWD. The 69kWh/64kWh battery/usable is pretty close to what Chevy puts in its Bolt, and considering the EX30 is about the same size as the EUV, it is no surprise it gets a similar 265/275-mile range for the AWD/RWD.

The Bolt comparisons end there with the DC fast charge rate of 153kW, which is solid, especially for a 64kW battery, but we’ll have to reserve judgement for that all important charging curve. Volvo touts “you can charge your battery from 10 to 80 per cent in a little over 26.5 minutes,” which is the key metric there.

Great looking inside and out

Volvo has spent the past month teasing out images, but today’s press release has the motherlode of images above. Suffice it to say, the modern interior looks amazing from the minimalist cockpit to the airy glass ceiling. The outside might be subjectively very modern Volvo.

But wait. There’s more!

Volvo EX30 Cross Country – one more thing?

Volvo surprised us right before the launch with the news that there would be a pseudo-off-road AWD variant called the EX30 Cross Country. I would assume the AWD range would go down with the decreased aerodynamics and beefier tires. Worth it?

Electrek’s Take

It has been hard to keep this news under wraps because I think it is an important milestone in EV adoption for the Swedish/Chinese carmaker under the Geely umbrella.

For young urban and suburban commuters, this seems like a dream car. It’s one of the fastest accelerating cars on the road, nimble and small, yet still capable of shuttling kids around town in minimalist luxury. Also, AWD Volvo-safe in rain and snow. Oh, and it doesn’t look half bad.

The downsides here is this isn’t due to hit dealers for another year and won’t qualify for US Federal tax credits because it is made in China. It will however be able to be leased with that tax credit going to the lease holder, meaning lease prices should be the sweet spot.

If I wasn’t already smitten with my similarly sized 2023 Chevy Bolt EV, I’d be signing up to drop $35K. If I’m GM and looking at this, I’m thinking what could have been for the Chevy Bolt if they had made any effort.

You can watch the unveiling video live at 7:30 a.m. ET here.

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