This morning, Polestar began rolling out over-the-air software update P2.9 to Polestar 2 drivers around the globe. The update features the addition of YouTube integration, plus enhancements to both Range Assist and Apple CarPlay functions.

Although Polestar has several EV models in its current pipeline, the Polestar 2 will go down as its first BEV that started it all. Since debuting as a 2020 model, the Polestar 2 has seen c couple refreshes already and has consistently been updated over-the-air (OTA) to ensure owners get the latest features in UX, range efficiency, and safety.

Today marks the Polestar 2’s fifteenth OTA update to date and is delivering some added display features as well as the integration of YouTube for added entertainment while charging or parked.

Details of Polestar 2 OTA update P2.9

According to Polestar, OTA update P2.9 will roll out to current 2 owners today and come equipped on new models by default going forward. The biggest update is the integration of the YouTube app on the EV’s center display. We’re surprised this isn’t already a thing but better late than never, right? Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath broke it down further:

We know how much our customers look forward to over-the-air upgrades and I am convinced this one will be well received, with notable new features and enhancements. YouTube is great for entertainment while charging, and our updated Range Assistant app delivers more accurate predictions and supports an improved driving style. Bringing Apple Maps to the driver display is one of many important updates to Apple CarPlay in Polestar 2.

The first additional feature in the Polestar 2 update Ingenlath is referring to is an upgrade to the automaker’s Range Assistant app, which now enables drivers to see more granular energy-consumption details in real time (see above). They can now monitor the previous 20, 40, or 100 miles of their journey to adjust their driving style and improve overall range efficiency.

Range Assistant also gains a revised algorithm for the Polestar 2’s projected range, now taking into account changes in environmental and other outside factors that affect efficiency. Lastly, Polestar 2 drivers can now see their real-world related range right in front of them on the driver display – an update from the default range projection based upon standard certified data.

Last but certainly not least, the Polestar’s latest OTA update includes extended views of Apple CarPlay. Additional phone and media information can now be viewed on the EV’s home screen. This includes “play/pause” and “next/previous” buttons, as well as “now playing” details.

Phone call information will now be shown on home screen and driver display and drivers can mange calls directly from their steering wheel buttons. When navigating in Apple Maps, CarPlay can now feature the navigational route on the driver display in addition to the center screen (see image above).

Polestar 2 owners, keep and eye out for OTA software update P2.9 coming your way soon.

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