The moment a US police officer points a gun at a suspect while kneeling on the bonnet of his moving car – before clinging to the roof of the vehicle as the motorist drives away at speed – has been revealed in a newly released video.

An officer had been seen approaching the car before telling the driver there was a warrant out for their arrest.

Bodycam footage from another angle then shows police officer Patrick McCarty standing in front of the vehicle and aiming his gun as he tells the suspect to “stop the f****** car!”.

Mr McCarty then climbs onto the vehicle and kneels on the bonnet as he continues to aim his firearm at the driver inside.

The police officer can be heard saying: “Put on the God damn brakes!”

The suspect ignores the request before driving away at speed while Mr McCarty clings to the roof.

Footage from the police car chasing the suspect shows Mr McCarty holding on as the vehicle speeds through what appears to be an industrial area.

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The car swerves around corners before the police officer loses grip, falls off the roof, and hits the ground at speed.

Mr McCarty broke his back in the fall, according to the Iowa Capital Dispatch news service.

The driver pleaded guilty in court to causing serious injury with a vehicle and was sentenced to up to five years in prison, the news service added.

The chase happened in 2021 but police have only released the footage now.

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