Footage has emerged from Syria of the incredible moment men digging through rubble with their hands freed a tiny girl as her father tried to keep her calm.

The father is heard saying to his young girl, Nour, “Dad is here, don’t be scared” as the search and rescue team furrow through large rocks to pull her out from deep underneath.

Volunteers from the Syrian Civil Defence, known as the White Helmets, are seen telling Nour to “look over to her dad” as they carefully lift her out of the rubble.

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Her father watches on as her dust-covered face emerges from the pile in the opposition-held town of Jinderis, north of Aleppo.

Other videos captured two more children freed from the earthquake wreckage nearly 24 hours after it first struck.

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Displaced children rescued from rubble

One young boy and his mother were trapped in rubble for more than 20 hours when they were freed overnight.

Footage shows the chaotic scenes as volunteers carefully remove the young child from a collapsed building as rain pours down with just head torches lighting the rescue mission.

The dust-covered child is then taken to be cared for by other rescuers in Sarmada, northwestern Syria.

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The family had already been internally displaced because of the war.

A second young boy named Ahmed was rescued from the village of Qatma, north of Aleppo.

Covered in debris, he gently cries with relief as he is taken from the wreckage to receive medical attention.

Ahmed had also been displaced and his family’s home was destroyed by the powerful earthquake.

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Sky’s John Sparks is in Osmaniye in Turkey, where crews search through rubble to try to find any survivors from the effects of the earthquakes which struck 24 hours earlier.

Rescuers worked through the night in extremely cold temperatures searching for more survivors after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the region on Monday morning.

A second 7.5 magnitude tremor struck later on Monday afternoon with officials saying it was “not an aftershock”.

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Voices heard from collapsed buildings

Thousands have died so far, with many more suspected to be trapped under collapsed buildings across Turkey and Syria.

The north-west of Syria, where the videos were recorded, is held by rebels. Around four million people are believed to be living there, having been displaced from other parts of the country by the civil war.

Many displaced families live in buildings already wrecked from frequent Russian and government airstrikes that have now been damaged by the earthquake.

The White Helmets said the situation in the area is “disastrous”. The territory, centred around the province of Idlib, depends on Turkish aid to supply essential resources including food to medical supplies.

Stephane Dujarric, a UN spokesperson, said 224 buildings were destroyed and 325 buildings, including aid warehouses, were damaged in north-western Syria.

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