Eco Wave Power is bringing its onshore wave energy tech to the US


Eco Wave Power is officially unveiling its onshore wave energy power station at public-private ocean institute AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles tomorrow.

The AltaSea pilot project is the Israel-based Eco Wave Power’s first in the United States, and it says it believes it’s the “first-ever onshore wave energy technology that will be deployed in the United States.”

Eco Wave Power, which produces clean electricity from ocean and sea waves, has modified, upgraded, and transported the unit to Los Angeles in just over a year. It arrived in December.

The company says its technology is easily transported or reproduced to meet the unique energy needs of a country’s coastline.

Eco Wave Power’s floaters – the blue dinghy-like things in the water in the photo above – convert the rising and falling motion of the waves into energy generation.

The movement of the floaters compresses and decompresses the connected hydraulic pistons that transmit biodegradable hydraulic fluid into accumulators on land, where pressure builds. The pressure rotates a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then electricity is transferred into the grid via an inverter. After decompression, the fluid flows back into the hydraulic fluid tank, where it’s then reused by the pistons, creating a closed circular system.

The whole wave-energy power station is controlled and monitored by a smart automation system.

Eco Wave Power plans to develop further onshore wave energy power stations in the US, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and other locations, as part of its 404.7 megawatt project pipeline.

The company already has projects up and running in Israel and Gibraltar.

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